On a stage that might be a painting or might be a page torn from a book, three women unravel a fractured text on culture and savagery, nostalgia and loneliness, that is by turns joyously insolent and actually kind of heartless. Part narcoleptic beauty pageant, part psychosexual fever dream, DOMESTICA is a woozy, deadpan, and extensively-annotated dismantling of high art and classical posturing that asks where exactly we've come from and where exactly we might be going in this ever-louder, ever-accelerating new century we seem already to be leaving.

DOMESTICA is the final part of LOST IN THE FUNHOUSE, a loosely connected trilogy of performances about pleasure and boredom in this the adolescent decade of the 21st Century.


'A head-swim of a show...this is serious experimental theatre - a piece that deserves to go down as a staple' 

★★★★ - Matt Trueman, WHATSONSTAGE

'A bold and beautiful new theatre for a brave new world'


'A supernova of colour, smoke, light & sound'

★★★★★ - TO DO LIST  

'A nightmarish riff on the Western canon that replaces centuries of blandly smiling sirens with something rather darker'


'A kind of multimedia essay...part visual bombardment, part manifesto' 

★★★★★ - PLAYS TO SEE

'I've fallen into its trap, and I love it more the longer I spend down there' 

★★★★ - WHAT'S ON

A performance for theatres.
CREATED BY Sleepwalk Collective
PERFORMED BY Gloria March Chulvi, iara Solano Arana and Malla Sofia Pessi
TEXT BY Sammy Metcalfe and the performers
MUSIC BY Sammy Metcalfe
DESIGN BY Ana Inés Jabares Pita
LIGHTS BY David Alcorta and Alex Fernandes
VIDEOS BY Ainara Pardal

UK PRODUCER Sarah-Jane Watkinson / Outer Circle Arts
UK PRESS Sam Stockdale

LANGUAGE English or Spanish
DURATION 60 minutes

PHOTO Alex Brenner

Co-produced by Festival BAD Bilbao, TNT Terassa, and the Festival Internacional de Teatro de Vitoria-Gasteiz, and developed through residencies at Bilbao Eszena (2013) and Azala Espacio de Creación (2014). Supported by Gobierno Vasco, Bai Antzerki Eskola, and TAE Vitoria-Gasteiz. The 2016 UK tour of DOMESTICA was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and by Instituto Etxepare.